On Tithing: Lets recollect previous post and remember that Abraham was the first to pay tithe. And he did it after seeing the price Jesus paid( ie the bread and wine). There was no account of Isaac paying tithe. Until Jacob when running from His brother got to Bethel and saw that vision and he made a vow, that if God would bring him back to his family, he will pay tithe. Note: 1. Tithe is a personal covenant. You don’t pay tithe because others pay. As for Jacob, he had his personal reason for tithe. 2. Jacob saw Jesus. Jesus spoke to the disciples that soon they will see angels ascending and descending upon the son of man, so Jesus was that ladder. Jacob’s tithe was a product of a picture. 3. It wasn’t traditional until Moses made it a law. Why we are having so much ado about tithe in the body of Christ is because of those who think it is a tradition. Who don’t see it as a worthy “payment” for a sacrifice of Jesus to combat sin on the earth.

Tithe was only spoken about by Malachi because after the return of Israel from Captivity, many priest went to farm and so Malachi called Israel to bring tithe so the priest can be focused. Hear it…bring ye all the tithe that there may be meat…” Hear this Now, tithing is not a key to opening your heaven, offerings and others can open your heaven. But only until your tithe becomes an offering and sacrifice can it do that work. Tithe is not a deadline. It’s just a seed God seeks from you in other to add to your blessing. You are blessed with or without tithe. God is too big to shut your heaven because of your default. You see the church of today was given tithe as a tool for prosperity because of the affection God demands from His people. The heartbeat of God in tithe payment is “so there will be meat”. This meat means resources. God will not bless you because you pay tithe, he will because you contributed to the meat. In other words God doesn’t bless tithe, he blesses your affection.

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This message was written by Stanley Obioha Ministries (#SOM)