I was privileged to give this teaching last Sunday and I will love you to read with an open mind.
Firstly I want to point out that Jesus ran the wealthiest ministry without a church, pulpit, no synagogue without any one paying or asked for tithe. Infact he was paying tithe to the poor. Paul and other apostles had no account of asking anyone in the churches for tithe and yet they had all they needed.

In the new testament, it is not your tithe payment that opens your heaven, I want to affirm many hearts and those of the fold who are deceived. We have made an idol of tithe.

God gave Adam a mandate and ministry to dominate and multiply. He gave Adam one tool: the seed. God did ask Adam for tithe, he asked for seeds! A seed is a necessary representation of the edifice to you desire to see manifest. In other words, if the church needs house, my seed is a necessary raw material for the house project! I say here, that for many, their tithe is not a seed!

If God “eternal package” was in tithe, he should have sent 10% of His angels to redeem mankind. He instead sent a SEED. Your tithe is only useful in the new testament when it is a seed yo effect a progress you have in mind in the kingdom of God! Many people don’t have a vision for their tithe…No farmer throws a seed into the ground without a picture of desired growth and harvest. If your tithe is not done this way, it is like a farmer throwing seeds away, you are just being RELIGIOUS!!!

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This message was written by Stanley Obioha Ministries (#SOM)


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