Lesson one : The personality of the Holy Spirit

Monday 25/05/2020 The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God.
Gen. 1:1-2; Joel. 2:28-29; JN. 15:26

God is the first personality mentioned from the beginning of creation. Immediately after Him, the next personality mentioned is the Spirit of God. You may then ask, who is the Spirit of God? The Spirit of God is the same as the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus made us understand in John 15:26 that this Spirit will proceed from the Father and be given to every believer. There is no ambiguity in the source of the Holy Spirit; He is from the Father and He is the Spirit of God, the Father. How wonderful it is for each believer to possess the Spirit of God! As many who will however house the Holy Spirit must have also made God the source of their lives by receiving Jesus as their lord and personal Saviour. Only then can they attract the Holy Spirit of God. It is not too late today, if you have not received Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour; tomorrow may be to late.
Point of Emphasis : Accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour is the first prerequisite for having the Holy Spirit of God.
Prayer point: Lord, I accept You today as my Lord. Come and make my life your dwelling place.

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